2007.03.25 Return
I returned to The Linguist. I quited The Linguist last August because I had been to several foreign contories and I had not a way to get to the Web. Since I have not a assignment to go abroad, I can take part in The Linguist.

Unfortunately, my data was deleted. Only listening time is remained. In The Linguist, we keep the all words we remembered. My remembered words's number is approximately 8000. I want 20000 number. I have to do something.
2006.08.31 A month report
A month has passed since I began The Linguist. Let me report my results.

Known words: 8097
Saved words: about 500
Saved phrases: about 250
Hours of Listening: about 23
Learned words: about 225

My target number of known words is 15000. The Linguist assures that I would achive that in fifteen months. I hope this is true. However, I would like to achive sooner than in fifteen months. Say, half of year.
I finished reading The Linguist book written by Steve. In this book, Steve writes his journey of exploring many cultures, such as France, Spain, Italy, Hongkong, China and Japanese. Through his life in these country, he became to be fluent for their language, in other words, he became linguist for nine languages.

He says that it is important to communicate people who are native speakers and read and listen meaningful and interesting contents.

I think that in mathematics the same is important. Even if you read and study a lot of text book and learn theories, you fail to create own theory or own research area. Why? I think because it is very difficult to create an original and nontrivial theory. To breakthrough the difficulty, we need a passion for our objects.
2006.08.20 First time
I joined a discussion for the first time in The Linguist. I enjoyed talking English but I couldn't speak well. I can understand what's talked, but I can't speak English soon, in other words, I can't have English in my mind soon. Moreover, because I am speaking in thinking what I should speak and I don't know much about intonation, I speak English by word and word.

It seemed to be able to communicate to others in the discussion, though what I said was not understood sometimes.

Therefore, I want to speak longer sentences and more fluently and more nativelike(now japanese english).
I came back from the trip to home. I was easy at home.

In The Linguist, I have to save 100 words and 50 phrases a week. To do so, I save 20 words and 10 phrases a day, because there are some busy days in a week. Actually, I was busy from the last week to this week.

At the moment, the number of my known words in The Linguist vocabulary system is about 3500. I assume I know words more than 8000.

After saving words and phrases, I review them. It is easy, because I select words I have already known a little, and I don't read difficult or uninterest contents.

I think, the more becoming the number of my known words near 8000, the more difficult reviewing and remembering words.
I submitted an aritcle in my blog to The Linguist. It was corrected. I knew new words and phrases like I never know unless they suggest. Here is the corrected text.

Tomorrow, I am going to stay in a field on the top of a mountain in Gunma and take part in a seminar organized by our university. I will stay there for nine days! I feel tired just thinking about it. Of course, the air up there is fresh and clean, but there is nothing but woods, stars, and bears near the seminar house. I may not be able to stand it. Moreover, the seminar house doesn't have Internet service in a private study room, but in a living room. It is impossible to write a diary for the time being and use The Linguist. Instead, I will practice mathematics very hard.
2006.08.05 Easy Starters
After I finished "Your Language Adventure" series, following Shashi's advise, I began to start "Easy Starters" series. Firstly, I listened one or two times. Then, I read and saved words and phrases. I didn't review words I saved today. I have to go to bed because I am going to wake up early in the morning.